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Info about Types of Depression and Anxiety Disorders – Find Treatments

What are signs that someone is depressed?

What is the treatment for borderline personality disorder?

Dealing with psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression, is a daily challenge for sufferers.

Borderline Personality DisorderIf you think you or someone you love may be coping with one of these ailments, you probably have many questions, including, “What are signs that someone is depressed?” or “What is the treatment for borderline personality disorder?

You are sure to find the answers you need here. This site features all sorts of information about various types of depression and anxiety disorders. If you or your loved one is truly struggling, it is important to remember that professional treatment should be sought. The facts you see here are merely meant to guide you through the process of understanding these disorders; they are not designed to replace actual counseling and therapy.

Best wishes as you begin the road to recovery.

Learn these answers to these questions and more when you view this site about types of depression and anxiety disorders.

Living with Anxiety Disorder

Seek treatment for your anxiety disorder before you suffer an anxiety attack.

Feeling anxious and having an anxiety or panic attack is two different things. Because anxiety can really impact one’s thoughts, feelings, and even physical condition, it can become very hard to live with. Fortunately, we know that life must go on, and we have to learn how to live with anxiety.

The first step to living with anxiety is to get professional help.
When you seek help, moving on with your life — in spite of the anxiety — becomes a little easier. Your therapist or doctor will help you to understand that your condition can be treated and that even though treatment may take a while to work, there is a light at the end of the tunnel you have been walking through.

Anxiety - DogWhen trying to live with anxiety, the worst thing that one can do is to assume that a pill is going to fix the problem. There is medication that lessens the anxious feelings; however, you must also learn how to deal with the stressful life in a more effective way, as well. You have to learn when it is normal to worry — and when that worry has passed out of the “normal” range.

The mistake of thinking that it`s a doctor’s job to “cure” us is a mistake one often lot do. While it is his job to find out what is wrong with us, and to prescribe treatments to cure what is wrong with us, we must also take responsibility for our own treatment, as well. You need to learn to work with your doctor for treatment if you want to be able to live a life with anxiety disorder.

Discuss your anxiety with the people who live in your home. If they don’t understand what is going on with you, or why you feel the way that you do about certain things, life is more difficult for both you and them.

If they understand that there is an anxiety disorder; it gives them an entirely new perspective on things. It could be that all of you require group or family counseling to deal with your anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and Depression – Sect Story of a Musician

Break free from anxiety and depression made by others! Even by sects.

In 1992, I came into a sect that was the beginning to my breakdown and serious problems with anxiety and depression.

Bipolar Disorder Depression and AnxietyIn the beginning, everything looked nice in this sect. The people there showed me so much love that I was convinced that they had the “one truth”!

They used the Bible to show that I had to give away everything that could come between me and God, (in fact, everything that made my life worth living!) I had to give away my family; friends were forbidden, forbidden to enjoy food for real and so on. One of these sacrifices was my love for piano music. I was not allowed to play the piano for several years! I had to give away everything that made my life good! I felt more and more alone.

And I felt that God hated me. It was a lot of focus on that God is judging us and that it is very, very easy to come to hell. Even if I “do the best I can” to be a “right” Christian.

In 2000, I was mentally broken down. I was so depressed, and my life was so filled with anxiety that I did not want to live anymore. I felt so alone. God felt far away and against me. I believed I would come to hell, was terribly afraid demons, had no friends, and I should not be attached to my family.

But I did something important at that time: I went to therapists, and they helped me a lot. Three times I was in a mental hospital, and I got a lot of help during many years. Step by step I felt better and better. Today I still feel some anxiety and some depression, but it is much better now.

Recovering From Anxiety and DepressionI started to take back all the things I did loose in the sect. Family, friends and so on. In 2013, I had four talk shows in Norway, telling about my history in a sect. It was full-booked. Newspapers and TV was very interested and shared my story.

Also, I took back the piano music! I started to play and make my own music again. The pain I experienced I put into my music! I wanted to express it, wanted to express hope and longing. November 2013 I made an album on iTunes “Waiting for Better Days” and a music video to it. Everything is self-made, and it is a good feeling to see that I can manage in some areas of life again.

I want to inspire others with mental health problems that there is hope. Tell them that it is therapy for me, to make music. Hopefully my story can encourage others to break free if they are in a sect like the one I where in. You can listen to my music on the page Music as Therapy. If you like what you hear more, go to “Waiting for Better Days” on iTunes? Feel free to share to people you think might like it, or even need music like mine.

-Jon Harald Gjesdal

Online Counseling for Anxiety

Anxiety Counseling Online

Technology has made life better for all of us in a multitude of ways. We are able quickly to communicate with people around the world — without incurring huge long-distance bills. We are able to send and receive letters (email) and pictures instantly. We can bank and pay our bills online — and we can even seek counseling online.

Anxiety Counseling OnlineThere are several reasons one might seek counseling for anxiety online, instead of traditional counseling. Online counseling may be cheaper than the offline counseling. Of course, online counseling is often more convenient to the patient, as well.

Think about this. Someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder that prevents them from actually leaving their home to go to a counseling appointment may not get the treatment that they need — only because the problem prevents keeping the appointment — or possibly even setting up an appointment in the first place. Social anxiety is one such situation.

The most effective form of counseling for anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. This type of therapy teaches you to think differently — to look at and deal with problems or events in a more constructive way than an offline counseling. This type of counseling is available online and can be provided in groups or on an individual basis.

For online therapy, the therapist and patient can communicate in a number of different ways. These methods include email, instant messenger or chat, or even voice chat. Most online therapists will have several different means of communication available, and will work with the one that the patient prefers.

Most people find that online counseling is not only convenient, but also that it is quite effective — just as effective as an offline counseling — and that they actually prefer online counseling simply for the anonymity that it provides.
If you’ve avoided traditional counseling, you will most likely find that the things that you do not like about traditional counseling are avoided or resolved with an online counseling solution.

Counseling for Anxiety

Counseling is a vital part of treatment for anxiety.

Stress and AnxietyAnxiety is a serious problem, and it does require treatment if it is prolonged. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that complete anxiety treatment requires medication, as well as counseling. They may visit their medical doctor and get the medication, but fail to follow up with the appropriate counseling. This means that the anxiety is never actually dealt with effectively.

Counseling is an essential part of treatment for anxiety. In fact, the counseling that seems to work best is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT. You won’t find yourself in therapy discussing your childhood and bringing up every wrong thing that your parents did. This is not what CBT is about.

CBT is about forming new ways of thinking — or changing your thinking patterns, as well as your own behavior. You can literally change the way that you react to events in your life, and this in turn, will control the anxiety that you experience. It focuses on how you feel about yourself, not on how others have mistreated you or unpleasant things that you’ve done in the past. You don’t have to admit all of your deepest and darkest secrets to your therapist to treat anxiety.

Exposure therapy also works well for those who suffer from anxiety. In this situation, you literally state what your fears are in a fully controlled environment, and you are exposed to that fear. Remember that this is a controlled environment, meaning that the fact that you fear cannot hurt you in this environment, despite the fact that you are exposing yourself to it.

The idea here is that, by exposure, you get a greater sense of control over this thing that you fear — seeing that it isn’t as horrible as you imagined it was. You learn, firsthand, exactly how to deal with the fear that you feel.

Therapy for anxiety is not usually a lifetime thing. In fact, most CBT programs are completed in 12-20 weeks, depending on the extent of anxiety and the patient. CBT can be conducted privately, or with a group of other people who suffer from Anxiety Disorder.

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