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Hi!  First, a little about me professionally: I am a freelance writer – and a contributor to this site. I have a degree in pharmacy from the University of Texas and have over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare profession – as a pharmacist in community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy including psychiatric hospitals. I have worked in clinical research management – including many trials involving psychiatric medications.

I have worked as a consultant educator with a well-known therapist in my area that focuses a good deal of her practice on bipolar disorder, recovery from addiction, teen psychiatric issues, and family issues surrounding those problems.  I have been a part-time faculty member of a community college teaching pharmacology and particular topics such as geriatric medicine and psychiatric medicine to allied health professionals such as nurses, paramedics, and long-term care providers.

I have written hundreds of articles, blog postings and other documents on psychiatry, psychology and other consumer-based health topics.  I have a personal blog where I blog about issues, usually related to medical matters – that is purely my opinion.  I write in a way that I used to teach my classes: interesting stories and some editorial-type opinions with an educational component.  I found when teaching that my students were more likely to remember the lesson if they enjoyed the story.

A little about me personally:  I am a mother of three – including twins and a third that closely followed, step-mother of two, wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend.  I give my advice and opinions when asked – and sometimes when no one asked me to.  My opinions are just that – my opinion.

I do have intimate knowledge of many psychiatric and psychological conditions due to both my professional experience but also because my circle of friends and family is rife with mental disorders.  An alphabet soup if you will.  I personally know at least one person with the following disorders:

Mental Health SoupIn many cases, the person involved has multiple “disorders,” some of which are treatable with medication, some of which are treatable with therapy and some of which are none of the above. Not all of those people I know have sought or will accept help.  In my family and circle of friends – anyone without a mental disorder is a “freak” or has yet to be diagnosed.

This is probably true for most of the population. I have seen friends suffer for many years without getting help.  I have seen friends get the wrong diagnosis and continue to suffer.  I have seen friends self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to relieve symptoms – ultimately making their situation much worse.  I have had friends commit suicide because of lack of treatment or refusal of treatment.

I have seen friends develop medical complications that resulted from a lack of treatment and I have seen some of those friends die.

I have seen friends go to jail and while yes, they committed a crime –proper treatment may have prevented their behavior.  I have seen friends get much, much better – only to relapse in their disease from “non-compliance.”  I have seen friends get much, much better and continue to be so today but as with all mental illness; the jury remains out as they are in “remission” and most can never be “cured.”

For most, mental disease is a “management” issue and not an issue of getting “cured” – I believe for many, the conditions are similar what is said in the book of Narcotics Anonymous applies to many with mental disorders – that says “We are people in the grip of a continuing and progressive illness whose ends are always the same: jails, institutions, and death.”  This statement is in the “Who, What and Why” or White Booklet of NA in the first paragraph entitled “What is an addict?”  For those with a mental disorder, some have been cured but many cannot, and will need to follow a regimen of treatment. I would amend the NA statement to read something like “Mental Illness is a long-term disorder and without treatment will often end in hospitals, institutions or death.”

My statement is not a sentence or a curse, but a simple opinion based on years of experience.  Again, it is my opinion but based in fact.

Many of the things I write about, you may disagree with.  Hopefully, the things I write about will provoke your thought and will result in a greater understanding of self or of those around you.  In many cases, a person with mental illness cannot be completely honest about their disorder.  They may simply be a poor historian – not remembering the really bad times.  They may be in denial.  They may fear reprisal as most disorders still carry a stigma.  They may truly feel they can handle it themselves – but I once heard someone say that the brain is the most complex organ in the human body AND it is the one we most often try to fix ourselves.

I am not an expert – but I do know mental disease from a personal and professional standpoint.  Please feel free to comment on any of my writing – whether you agree, disagree or have something to add.  I welcome all comments and feedback – even those given in anger or with derision.

If you are interested to know, my freelance writing site is at

Melissa Lind

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