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Depression and Sex life

Depression can affect every aspect of one’s life — including sex

Most people believe that the depression causes one to not be interested in sex, but this is not entirely correct. Depression can actually have the opposite effect as well. It can cause one to become abnormally interested in sex.

Depression and Sex lifeWith that said, however, in most cases, depression does cause one to lose interest in sex. The other partner in a relationship may feel that the person lost interest in sex with them if they do not understand depression. They may even start to feel resentment towards the depressed partner, even if they do understand depression.

Sex requires energy, coordination, and even spontaneity. Unfortunately, because depression does tend to slow down the mind and the body systems, these are things that it is very hard for a depressed person to do or feel. Normally things like that is the reason there is a diminished interest in sex when one is depressed. They may also feel unloved or unworthy of love.

There is a physical aspect to these things as well. Men who are often depressed have difficulty attaining or maintaining an erection.

Women who are often depressed have trouble reaching orgasm. These physical problems make the depressed person want sex even less — and may even serve to deepen the overall depression.

People who were interested in sex before they were treated for depression may suddenly become uninterested in sex again, as well. This because many of the antidepressants used for depression will have an adverse affect on one’s sexual drive. Often, however, this will pass as the body adjusts itself to the medication. For others, these feelings may not pass until the medication is discontinued.

The important thing to realize is that as depression is treated, these problems and feelings also diminish, and the person does indeed become interested in sex once again.

Abnormally interested in sex (PowerPoint)