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Depression and Sleep

Sleep pattern change can be a symptom of depression.

When depression sets in, one of the symptoms of that depression is a change in your sleep pattern.

You may discover that you are suffering from insomnia, which means that you aren’t sleeping well, if at all. Your sleep pattern may be altered in the other direction, however, and you may discover that you are sleeping entirely too much. Seldom will someone who is suffering from depression maintain their normal sleeping pattern throughout that depression.

Depressed Old ManIf insomnia is a problem, your doctor may be able to help with a sleeping pill. You could also try an over-the-counter sleeping aid, or some deep breathing exercises. There are numerous methods that one can use to get themselves to sleep.

If the alternate sleep pattern exists, however, and you are sleeping too much, there is nothing that your doctor can give you to change that. This is something that you have to change yourself. Although, if you are taking an antidepressant, this will offer some help with sleeping too much.

Again, you have to help yourself as well. Set a regular time to go to bed, and regular time to wake up each day. You have to stick with that schedule. It may seem hard, but when the alarm goes off, make you get out of bed.

Once you are out of bed, get dressed and get moving. Energy creates more energy. Take a walk outdoors or on your treadmill. Give the house a run through and straighten things up. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you get your body moving. With this stimulation, you won’t be as tempted to crawl back into the bed.

Avoid napping if at all possible during the day – including napping on the couch or in your favorite chair. Keeping your eyes open and your mind busy will help you sleep better at night.

Be sure to discuss changes in your sleeping pattern with your doctor. He or she will have more advice that is specific to your situation and help you to correct your sleeping pattern.

A normal sleep will help you from getting depressed.