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Stress – Related to Peoples Jobs

Job related stress

One of the leading causes of stress is linked to ones job, there cannot be any doubt about that. It`s a sad fact that majority of people are not happy with their job. They see it as a means to an end, a method of paying the bills. Period! This may provide you with a great lifestyle, but there are plenty of disadvantages to working at a job you hate.

Stressed and AngryThe rates of depression and suicide among middle aged men is growing, and this can be directly related to their jobs. Many men are the sole income earners for their family. They work hard for years and years to provide for their children, to put food on the table and shelter over their heads.

Unfortunately, most of these men are working at a job they dislike. They have become bored with doing the same thing over and over again. They may be sick and tired of long commutes and ever increasing traffic every day.

The problem with many men is that they do not show their true feelings or acknowledge that they are stressed out. Instead, they just keep on going and going until they become physically and mentally worn out.

They suffer in silence, and many do commit suicide as they have just had enough of living the same life day in and day out. This is something that you definitely don`t  want to have happened in your family.

The first signs that job stress are becoming too difficult to handle include suffering from headaches, muscle and body pain, nausea and not being able to sleep. It is important to learn how to deal with these symptoms before they get out of control.

If your stress is work related look for ways that you can deal with it. Is it possible to work from home one or two days a week? Are you at the point where you could retire early or take an extended leave of absence?

If the commute is too much, is it possible to find a position closer to home? Does your company have other locations that you could transfer to? Sometimes a move along with new scenery is all that is needed to relieve the boredom and stress of your job.

Other alternatives include talking to your boss to see if there is another opening in the company that would suit your skills. As with any stressful situation asking for help is a good way to find solutions.

How to Deal with Stress and Cope in the 21st Century

Every one of us faces situations of stress quite commonly given the type of lives we lead in the 21st century.

StressWhile some of us might have stressful situations at the workplace, others might be experiencing such situations at home. Given the kind of recession and economic downturn we are facing, it is quite common to see people under stress quite frequently.

Stress is common for many people; the way each one reacts to the situation of stress varies. When a person is not able to manage stress levels rationally, it can cause adverse effects on health, both mentally and physically.

When a person is under stress, the quality of life goes down. The functionality of the body goes down, and it creates a strained situation wherever the person goes. It can lead to friction with other people they encounter. It can cause a downward spiral to relationships.

For this reason, it is vital to understand how to cope with stress and treat it before it has deleterious effects on the person`s life and the lives of people around them.

Talk It Out

One way to deal with stress is to try and talk to someone close to you and discuss your problems and what is causing the stress. By talking it out, you are relieving your mind of many tensions. You also get to rationalize and see if you are unnecessarily stressing your mind and body with the particular problem you are facing. Many a times, you might even find an effective solution to your problem while you are communicating with the other person regarding your stress.

Get Adequate Exercise and Eating Right

ExcerciceExercise frees up your body of many tensions. It also helps you become healthier and be physically able to take much more. Exercise causes many positive and helpful reactions that are helpful in combating stress more effectively. Exercise and you will not only be able to cope up with stress better, but you will be more fit too.
Along with exercise, it is also essential to eat right to help you get your body the essential nutrients to stay healthy, and to be in a position to fight stress effectively.

Think Positive

The Law of Attraction states that what you think and perceive is what you get. If you have positive thoughts running in your mind, the action that follows will also be positive. For this reason, you should try and incorporate positive thinking habits so that the action plan that you will initiate will also be positive and be helpful in eliminating the cause of stress. Positive thinking also helps get rid of worrying too much about many situations that would have caused stress.

Stress Management Techniques

Progressive muscle relaxing is a method where you are alternating between tensing and relaxing some muscles of your body in order to relieve you of stress. Some examples of this method are the use of a soft ball or a spring loaded device that you use in the palm of your hand to tense and relax.

Apart from this, use of relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation have also benefited many a person in getting rid of stress and changing the way they react to pressure. Stress can be a huge problem if you allow it to go beyond control. By incorporating right techniques, you can help solve problems associated with stress by combating and changing the way you handle stress.